Intense pain in (R) Hand & Fingers, (R) Hip, Piriformis & Hamstrings.

Pauline is a retired Senior staff nurse and was suffering intense pain for several months after a fall which severely restricted her lifestyle,she had been prescribed pain killers but they were limited in easing the condition .
I carried out six treatments using SCENAR THERAPY and she is very Pleased with the results and getting on with her life.
I also treated her husband Bryan a retired fisherman who suffered with Achilles tendinitis and calf strain a very painful condition restricting his pleasure of walking. After four treatments he advised me that he is 100% better.
They are off for a tour around Scotland in the near future.

Parkinson’s Disease. Case Study

Over the years I have been carrying out case studies on diseases using Scenar therapy,  some have been successful and others not so but the research benefits outweigh the time taken.

After watching a report on the BBC April 2016 which showed a gentleman having the severe shakes caused by Parkinson’s switched off using similar electro magnetic stimulation which got me thinking that Scenar therapy could probably cause a similar reaction, so I advertised on Facebook for someone suffering from Parkinson’s disease to carry out a case study, an old friend recommended Michael Williamson to me a 69 man living in Hayling Island who had been suffering with this terribly debilitating disease for the past six years, we met at my treatment room and hit it off from the onset so arranged to start the treatment.

For the first four treatments there was no real changes to his condition but when he attended the fifth on 13th of June 2016 he reported that apart from a few twinges he had been pain free for the first time since having been diagnosed with Parkinson,s, he has been pain free to date 01/08/16 apart from pains in his right knee and hip after over doing it when mountain walking whilst on holiday on the isle of Skye in July, I treated those injuries and he is now pain free.

We seem to have had some success with reducing the shaking and Michael has reduced his drug intake from five to four pills.I will post any further changes when they occur.

For further information I can be contacted on 07723855518


Chronic Lumbar & hip pain

Graham 70 year old retired Butcher
Graham was referred to me to me by therapist Sue Shepard due to the severe and debilitating pain he was suffering. He was in constant pain which effected his sleep and he found it impossible to even sit in a chair for any period of time, walking was near impossible.
He was diagnosed by his Dr with possible Neuralgia, stabbing, burning,severe pain which occurs along damaged nerve/ Paresthesia, pins & needles in his left leg.
I treated him six times using Scenar Therapy and in his words (Its brilliant, I walked the dog for a mile and a half no problem and I could not do that before the treatment you gave me).

Neck and Back Injury from rear end shunt

Whiplash and associated injuries
Adam Cropley a driving insructor received back and neck injury (Whiplash) caused by a rear end shunt whilst instructing a client, they were waiting to exit on to a roundabout on the A27.
The accident was caused when a young lady ploughed into the back of them because she distracted whilst using her mobile phone, “perhaps there is a lesson in that”.

Both Adam and his pupil received similar injuries but Adam had weeks of stress due to his vehicle being off the road for repairs causing lack of income.

I treated Adam for severe pain in the Neck which caused rotational restrictions, pain and stiffness between the shoulder blades and lower back, the treatment was carried out using Scenar therapy and sports massage,it took eight sessions due to the complications associated with this type of multiple injury but he is now fully recovered and back doing his job, his insurance company approved and the treatments and he was fully compensated.

Patellar Tendinitis

Greg Hausman/ Events Manager

Greg is a very busy fifty year old events manager working in England and Europe including the Chichester Cathedral flower festival,this keeps him on his feet most of the day.

He developed the very painful condition of Patellar Tendinitis due to his activities directing his workforce on stages, scaffolding etc.
Greg is an old friend and patient and I have been looking after his injuries when ever needed.

He attended three treatments of SCENAR therapy and in his words had an ” INCREDIBLE IMPROVEMENT.
He will be returning for a check up when his contract is completed at the flower festival.

Osteoarthritis pain in shoulder and back since 2007

Cherry is a lively 80 year old who suffered with constant pain in her left shoulder and back since 2007 due to osteoarthritis, this severely restricted the rotation of her arm and needed assistance dressing etc by her loving daughter Debbie, since then she has been applying morphine patches as prescribed by her doctor to ease the pain. She attended five appointments at my clinic receiving Scenar therapy/Sports and remedial massage. On her second appointment her daughter Debbie said that Cherry had gone from “agony to Ecstasy”. At the completion of her treatment Cherry advised me that she is only Just aware of any pain, she has increased mobility and that I had achieved something no one else had achieved. 

Chronic Neck, Back & Right leg and heal problems

Roy is an 81 year old gentleman who was a semi pro water skier using the one legged method. He suffered injuries to his, Neck, Back, Right leg and heal over the past thirty five years due to the demands this sport had on his body.He was referred by his doctor to rehab at Bognor hospital and given exercises by the physiotherapist which did not help the problem. He attended my clinic on five occasions and has reported an 85% recovery from his injuries. On his last visit he said that he could not be more pleased that found me.

Severe pain since 2009

Mandy 53 year old nurse.
Mandy came to me for treatment after having a 9kg safe was thrown at her by robbers, the attack resulted in her enduring savere pain due to a smashed eye socket.
I have treated her on a weekly basis for the last eight weeks using Scenar therapy with very positive results, she has reported major reduction in pain and reduction
in the area affected.
Mandy gave me a Christmas card and gave me permission to publish the contents.
Thank you for my treatments, my life has been hell since 2009. the most awful pain, and you are taking this pain away for me, words could not thank you enough. God bless you always,