Osteoarthritis pain in shoulder and back since 2007

Cherry is a lively 80 year old who suffered with constant pain in her left shoulder and back since 2007 due to osteoarthritis, this severely restricted the rotation of her arm and needed assistance dressing etc by her loving daughter Debbie, since then she has been applying morphine patches as prescribed by her doctor to ease the pain. She attended five appointments at my clinic receiving Scenar therapy/Sports and remedial massage. On her second appointment her daughter Debbie said that Cherry had gone from “agony to Ecstasy”. At the completion of her treatment Cherry advised me that she is only Just aware of any pain, she has increased mobility and that I had achieved something no one else had achieved. 

Chronic Neck, Back & Right leg and heal problems

Roy is an 81 year old gentleman who was a semi pro water skier using the one legged method. He suffered injuries to his, Neck, Back, Right leg and heal over the past thirty five years due to the demands this sport had on his body.He was referred by his doctor to rehab at Bognor hospital and given exercises by the physiotherapist which did not help the problem. He attended my clinic on five occasions and has reported an 85% recovery from his injuries. On his last visit he said that he could not be more pleased that found me.