Lumbar strain

Paul B, 31 year old assistant head green keeper.

Paul suffered a very painful back strain due to the nature of his work, this restricted carrying out his normal duties and driving to and from his job. The injury affected not only his lower back, but also his buttock’s and legs which indicates that the injury was centered in L4/L5/S1, so if not dealt with on an urgent basis would develop into sciatica and severely restrict him from working. I treated him three times using “Scenar Therapy” to help repair the injury and sports massage to correct the structural misalignment. Paul is now fully recovered and is back to full duties at the golf club.


Succesfull treatment of Ankle Knee & Wrist Injury

Carol is a 62 year old caterer at a local hospital and suffered very painful injuries in both knees, left ankle and right wrist, this restricted her from running her restaurant and made her life generally hard. she had treatment in 2011 and at the completion she was fully recovered, I met her in mid August 2012 and she told me she is pain free and able to get on with her work and gardening pain free.