Scenar Cosmodic Instrument

After over twenty years of researched clinical practice the Scenar (Self controlled Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulator) is finally becoming available world-wide. It promises to rapidly become one of the most sophisticated and powerful healing technologies available anywhere.

Therapeutic applications

The Scenar works by stimulating the brain with a constantly varying signal that causes it to instruct the nervous system to generate neuropeptides, the key biochemicals needed by the body to heal itself. As we age and, for some conditions, even when we are young, the brain tends to become habituated to a disease or injury rather than aggressively enabling generation of the neuropeptides need to affect recovery.

In Russia it is used to treat most types of disease and injury, Russian research papers, clinical reports and training manuals cover a vast range of circulatory, sensory, respiratory, neurological, genito-urinary, muskulo-skeletal and psychological disorders. A summary of positive results from Russian Scenar Therapists shows average 2/3 complete recovery, 1/3 improvement of condition (% figures are based upon groups of 150 to 400 patients: muscular skeletal 79%, circulatory 82%, respiratory 84%, digestive 93%, urinary and male genital 89%, female disorders 78%, nervous 81%, ear and mastoid 82%, eye and adnexa 93%, oral cavity, salivary glands, jaws 91%, skin and subcutaneous tissue 68%, neoplasms, as palliative treatment, 80%) A "side effect" of scenar treatment has been that by addressing and treating one illness with the device automatically led to improvements of other symptoms.

Injuries and consequences of external causes:

SCENAR shown to be extremely effective. Scenar therapy, together with the energizing blanket has already been of immense value in the field of sports. Russian athletes have repeatedly performed, and even broken records, after enduring injuries that would normally prevent competition for a considerable period.

The Scenar is also routinely used in some areas of Russia in accident and emergency hospitals because of its phenomenal ability to enable recovery from cardiac arrest, massive trauma and coma.

Now that the Scenar is becoming available world-wide, Live-Energies has begun to add to the knowledge of the Scenar's applications for improving learning ability, memory, sexual function and higher levels of psychological and physical health in addition to resolving well established health problems. Because of its unique, computer controlled, biofeedback capabilities and ability to stimulate the neuropeptides-generating C-fibres of the nervous system, the Scenar routinely achieves results that cannot be emulated by other, considerably more expensive forms of treatment. This is because of the Scenar's extraordinary ability to access the body's innate mechanisms for controlling the highly complex internal pharmacy, upon which we all depend every moment of every day for our entire health and well being.

The approved use by the British Standards Institute and the Medical Devices Agency in Britain and thereby the European Union for the CE marked new Life-Energies' Scenar 97.4 is : "For monitoring, treating and alleviating non specific disease, injury or handicap by supplying low-level electrical energy to the body system in a form that may reduce pain, oedema and inflammation in a manner that allows the natural resources of that body to restore homeostasis more rapidly than if it were left unaided."

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